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We're in business to develop leaders.

At Landon's Ices and Creams, we're not just serving the best premium homemade ice cream in Southern Maryland (SoMD); we're setting the gold standard for both product quality and customer service. Our dedication to excellence doesn't waver, and this is reflected in our high expectations for every team member, be it their first job or tenth.

Having a fantastic product is paramount, but it's only half the equation. Exceptional customer service completes our brand's promise. We envision a team that actively engages, promptly serving orders with precision, enthusiasm, and a genuine smile. Our spaces should always emanate cleanliness and order, free from clutter or debris.

A job at Landon's isn't about standing by, waiting for instructions. We value proactivity. Employees are expected to dive in, spot opportunities, and make a difference without being directed.

Our hiring process is rigorous. We recognize that every hire is an investment. If a new employee demonstrates lackluster commitment, such as being unavailable after only two shifts. How will such a commitment level allow for growth, skill development, and contribution to our brand's mission?

Our size as a small business doesn't grant leniency towards subpar performance or attitude. In fact, in tight-knit settings, every individual's performance is magnified. When one person falls short, it has ripple effects on our collective output and service quality.

Given our reputation for the finest ice cream in the region, our expectations are set accordingly high for our team. When these aren't met, we have to ask ourselves: would any diligent business retain a mismatched fit?

At the heart of it all, each team member's commitment profoundly shapes our customer experience and overall success. We're on a collective journey, and it's vital that everyone understands, appreciates, and thrives in their unique, indispensable roles."

Mr LaMar Hinson

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