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The Sweet Debate: Licking vs. Chewing Ice Cream - What's Your Style?

Hey there, flavor lovers! Have you ever caught yourself, thinking over the art of enjoying ice cream? Yes, there's an art to

it, and today, we're diving into the delicious debate: do you lick or chew your ice cream? 🤔💫


While we may not have the exact numbers (because let's face it, everyone's too busy enjoying their ice cream!), surveys and ice cream behavior studies suggest a delightful diversity in how people savor their scoops. So, let's drip through the stats and sprinkle in some Landon's exclusive insights on this frosty phenomenon.


Licking Enthusiasts: The Smooth Sailors

Licking, the classic approach, is all about savoring the moment. It's a dance of patience and pleasure, where each lick captures the essence of flavors like our dreamy Honey Vanilla. Imagine the light, floral notes of honey mingling with the rich creaminess of vanilla, each lick a smooth sail across a creamy ocean. Licking is preferred by those who love to take their time, enjoying the melt and the gradual release of flavors. Here is a fun fact the Cleveland Clinic notes that the taste bud on our tongues have 50 to 150 receptors cells.


Chewing Adventurers: The Flavor Explorers

On the flip side, we have our chewing adventurers. This method is all about texture and the surprise elements in each bite. Take, for instance, our beloved Banana Pudding ice cream, a treasure trove of velvety banana cream, ripe banana and, of course, those delightful butter cookies. Chewing allows you to explore each component, each chunk, and cookie, offering a burst of flavors and a satisfying crunch amidst the creaminess.


The Spoon Conundrum: Best of Both Worlds?

But wait, what if you're diving in with a spoon? Ah, the spoon – a tool that grants you the power to choose your destiny with each bite. Spooning up ice cream means you can elegantly navigate between licking off the melting cream or going in for a satisfying chew. It's the ultimate way to enjoy a bit of both worlds, depending on your scoop, your mood, or perhaps the weather.


What Does Your Ice Cream Style Say About You?

Whether you're a licker, a chewer, or a spoon master of both, your ice cream style is more than just a way to eat; it's a reflection of your personality. Lickers are often seen as contemplative and patient, savoring life's moments. Chewers are the adventurers, always seeking the thrill of discovery in every bite. And the spooners? You're the versatile ones, adaptable and ready to enjoy the best of what life (and ice cream) has to offer.


So, dear ice cream lovers of Landon's Ices and Creams, we celebrate your unique styles and the joyful diversity of our community. Next time you visit us, whether you lick, chew, or spoon your way through our flavors, remember – there's no wrong way to enjoy ice cream, just your way. 🌈🍨

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