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We are ridiculous about safety!

Why are we so ridiculous about safety here at landons ices and creams?

We’re ridiculous about safety because of Landon’s severe peanut allergy. Cross contamination should be the number one priority ice cream shops MUST consider. A great product with high quality ingredients is a MUST. But every customer who walks through the door Should trust and have confidence that their family will be safe.

What makes us ridiculous about health and safety? Every business their customers are #!. We not only make the best homemade super premium ice cream. Our team members always were gloves. Even before the pandemic we purchased gloves. Why because we are protecting our hands from your ice cream.

We have different scoops for every type of ice cream. Most people would consider separating the scoops as ridiculous. We separate our scoops from peanut and tree nut from dairy. We separate dairy scoops from dairy free scoops. Why because your family is just as important as my family.

Ice cream brings happiness and happiness is Landon’s made!

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