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Cold Stone has legal trouble in New York

Cold Stone Creamery is in hot water, for not having real ingredients in their ice cream. A federal Judge has allowed for a class action lawsuit filed by a woman in New York to proceed.


The lead plaintiff Jean Marie Duncan filed the suit after she purchased in or around July 2022 at a New York Cold Stone Creamery, in what she believed to be “pistachio” ice cream. After reading the ingredients on the company’s website “pistachio flavoring”. However the breakdown of the indigents according to the lawsuit read “a mixture of water, Ethanol, Propylene Glycol, natural and artificial flavor, Yellow 5, and Blue 1.” The plaintiff had a reasonable expectation of pistachio nuts in their ice cream.


You can now understand why we are a Homemade or Handcrafted ice cream shop using all natural ingredients. We not only use real ingredients but the best quality ingredients. Our mission is to make the Best Homemade premium ice cream made on premise.


We wouldn’t exist if Landon didn’t have a severe peanut allergy. When we would visit these large corparte franchise business Landon would become ill to the point of vomiting. I learned how to craft the best tasting and quality ice cream. The confidence of knowing exactly what is in every batch of ice cream being made in our shop.


I understand the reasoning for filing a class action lawsuit. We should not be subjected to expensive products that are not providing the flavor profile we expect. We use real rum in our Rum Raisin, we use OLD BAY in our OLD BAY Caramel.


I take extreme care and concern in every flavor of ice cream made at our location. because I would not serve anything to my customers that I would never serve to my own family. If we have 2 stores or 1000 stores.


If you are an ice cream aficionado and you love ice cream all year round. Come to Landon’s Ices and Creams where we make homemade premium ice cream the best Charles County, Prince Georges County, Southern Maryland and the DMV.

LaMar Hinson

Founder of Landon's Ices & Creams



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